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Mohd Ali
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Mohd Ali Great stuff man! See you guys at gigs :) Favorite track: Sinner.
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released August 28, 2015

Syafiq (Losing End)



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A.E.S Singapore

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Track Name: Shallow
For a long time we were being
fed by the spoon of contradiction and bullshit
by the hand we blindly follow like a moth to
a fucking flame

But not anymore
I'll just shove that helping of shit you call a life
and make you fucking eat it

eat it

i'll make sure you fucking eat it

Track Name: Sinner
Living in a world full of two faced motherfuckers
egotistic idiots and the mindless stereo types

so thats why i rather be a
sinner than a saint to survive

to survive is to adept thats the way of life
so i'll fight fire with motherfucking fire
its eat or be eaten in this sad excuse
called society

So thats why i rather be sinner
than a saint to survive...
Track Name: Memories
They say the eyes are the gates to the soul
but the only thing you see is hell and his fires

the pain of the past that can't be unseen

Strip me of this pain
Incinerate it from my existence

Memories forever burn
Memories forever burn
Memories forever burn
Track Name: Ignorance Is Bliss (IIB)
Humans are cunning breed
Full of lies,destruction and disorder
Never trust them never give in
for it may be your last dance with the devil himself

I rather be naive than be controlled like this
I rather be naive than to give up innocence for your sick game
I rather be dead than to sell my soul

What the devil told me is true...
ignorance is bliss...